vrijdag 8 augustus 2014

Granny square potholder

This summer I was moving house,
from Gaarkeuken to ... Gaarkeuken.
So the trip was not very long,
but still we had to carry all our stuff to our new farmhouse.

This is our new spot!

And while moving house, I came across so much old stuff.
I also encountered 8 small granny squares in green and purple.
My daughter encouraged me to 'make something with them'.
So here they are, colourful and thick granny square potholders!

I crocheted the backsides in blue with a closed structure
to prevent finger burns through the holes in the granny squares.

The edging is a pineapple stitch, which I adopted from Haken&Kleur.

Groeten uit Gaarkeuken bij Grijpskerk,